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Research and Development

Since the expansion of OLG’s manufacturing facilities in 2007 to a new modern 70,000 + sq. ft location, OLG has established a separate R&D unit. This R&D unit is located in its own independent location gives OLG the ability to dedicate resources with the sole purpose of developing products for Domestic and International markets.

OLG Has a separate unit for R&D, reconised by GOVERNMENT OF INDIA with state of art facilities for testing HIGH VOLTAGE, SHORT CIRCUIT, POWER FREQUENCY and TEMPRATURE RISE as per STAANDARD IEC:60214(TYPE TESTS) and also facilities for testing equipments of 800KV / 1200kv ratings. Also have a refrigeration and airconditioning TESTING facility-COLD TEST.

OLGs core strength lies in its ability to excel in developing technologically complex products through focussed teams.OLG has typically brought out many innovative products which are exhibited here to the Indian/International market during last few years.these products have been exhibited in IEEMA EXHIBITIONS(ELECREMA-2010,2013& 2014)

At OLG ,We strive every day to do what matters most to our customers and find solutions to unmet needs of our customers by developing INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS.

Our products and services are based on our strong capabilities,deep science and technology,skills,advanced manufacturing,sales and marketing capabilities and a flixible supply chainthat can avoid shortages and meet the demand surges.

OLTC(On-Load Tap-Changer) with Electronic drive & embedded conductors in epoxy
Project Significance:11KV miniature design OLTC is successfully developed, tested and launched in the market. The first OLTC was commercially delivered on July 2012.This OLTC was developed with an objective to reduced material content. To give an idea of the size reduction, the 11kV 9 Pos. Tap-changer had a oil volume of about 120 Litrs. with an Epoxy Board of 32 Kgs. The copper content of 20Kgs and a steel tank of 150 Kgs. now stand reduced by more than 40% of steel and copper, 60% of oil and epoxy. In addition, the enormous size of mechanism and number of electrical objects such as contactors, fuses etc., were eliminated and instead small electronic box and very compact mechanism were used.
Development of Resistor transition OLTC with Vacuum Interrupter for 36kV, 600 Amps Application
Project Significance:A tap changer suitable for 33kv 600A 33 Position with vacuum technology was developed successfully for US Market. First proto type was tested in house during the year 2009.Subsequent improvements were made in the proto during the year 2011 & 2012. A total of 8 Nos of OLTCs were supplied to US based client for testing at their works. This product has been commercially launched and regular supply of this OLTC to US client has started since 2014.
Development of 1600 Amps Vacuum Interrupter for 15 kV OLTC application, suitable for 1 Million operation
Project Significance:This technology is adopted in Reactor-type OLTCs which are extensively used in North America. Though most OLTCs sold in the Indian market use Resistance-type transition, OLG was able to develop an OLTC for a client in North American using Reactor-type technology. The product developed is under trial with our client from Mexico since 2007.
Development of 15 kV, 200 Amps. capacitor switch for client
Project Significance:The Capacitor Switch is a completely sealed, single phase, maintenance free throughout its life. This is mainly for USA market. It is specifically designed as a replacement for maintenance intensive oil switches and can be used as a direct replacement on existing banks or new banks. The salient feature of this switch is a fast acting solenoid mechanism instead of Motor operated. The switch was successfully designed and type tested according to IEEE C37.66-2005 at Canada in the year 2009-10. Started commercial supplies since 2009 onwards.
Development of 33 KV, 1600 Amps. Porcelain Clad VCB
Project Significance:This product is extensively used in whole of the country. OLG developed a product with reciprocating actuator which is a unique design as against conventional designs with a rotary shaft .The major clients are all State Electricity Boards and Industrial clients with power distribution requirements.
Development of Weldable type Epoxy cast HV &LV Bushing for U.S based client
Project Significance:This type of weldable bushings are extensively used on 660 V/15kV transformers all over North America. We were requested by one of our clients to develop these bushings for their purposes.
11kV Load Break Switch With Vacuum Interrupter
Project Significance:11kV 630A - LBSvac12 is a Three phase Vacuum Interrupter load break Switch with a high breaking capacity. It was designed for power networks and substation systems where it Could replace Vacuum Circuit Breakers in selective Applications. The product was successfully developed and exhibited in Elecrama 2012, Mumbai.
The Vacuum Interrupter is housed in a FRP supported air insulated MS panel of sizes as 500mm wide x 1160mm width x 1500mm height. The LBSvac12 also has an inbuilt HV HRC fuses, Isolator and a fault-making earth switch (optional). These last two components are interlocked in an opposed operating sequence. The LBSVac12 have a mechanical endurance of more than 10,000 times and virtually maintenance free.
OLG has developed following product lines through In-house R&D efforts:
  • External Mounting (11KV-132 KV)
  • Vacuum OLTCs for export ( 15kV, 1600 Amps)
  • Internal Mounting(33 to 220KV)
  • T7 - Slim PG
  • T10 - 11kV 9 Position Linear
  • T10 C/F - 11kV 17 Position with Preselector
  • T11 - 66kV 17 Position Linear
  • T12 - 33kV 17 Position Linear
  • T13 - 11kV 17 Position Linear
  • T14 - 33kV 9 Position with Linear
  • T15 - 11kV 9 Position Linear (Airvac)
  • T15 - 33kV 9 Position Linear (Airvac)
  • T19 - RMV
  • T14 - C/F 33kV 17 Position with Preselector
  • Porcelain Clad VCB (11KV & 33KV
  • Metal Clad VCB (11KV & 33KV)
  • Outdoor Kiosk (11KV & 33KV)
  • Capacitor switch(15 kV)
LTCs for MEXICAN Company