In Keeping with the Vision, Mission and Value Statement, OLG’s approach to process orientation has fully matured in the last 13 years. OLGPL aligned its existing processes to ISO 9000 systems and the organization was certified as an ISO 9001 company in the year 1999 for all its products and services and recertified in the years 2002, 2005, 2008, presently it has been certified for Integrated Management System (ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004) in Sep 2011 & for BS OHSAS 18001 in Dec’2012.

To ensure awareness of quality systems across the organization, training was provided on Integrated Management Systems and Visual displays, IMS Manual and system procedures are placed in the centralized server where all employees can access and update their knowledge. The system procedures and their interaction with each other.

Every system document is defined for its objectives and KPIs are identified to ensure the continuous improvement. Process measurements are done through key performance indicators (KPIs) which are identified by the process owner groups and their targets are set. Targets are set considering the past achievements, present needs & the planned process improvements. All KPI’s are also captured in the respective departments’ business objectives and they are reviewed and monitored monthly by their respective directors.

OLGPL reviews its Corrective and Preventive action whenever a problem is reported & records are maintained in ERP and CA/PA actions are reviewed in MRM meetings and ensures that the actions decided are implemented as per committed plan. All the actions finalized in Management Review Meetings are recorded on centralized server accessible by all. Records for the last three years are maintained in the server to ensure all CA/PA are closed and when the problem recurs can be reviewed. All the site failures are recorded and reviewed in weekly service meetings attended by Service, QA & E&D and corrective actions are taken.

Root cause analysis is done where further analysis is required to identify the cause and these records are maintained.

Quality is assessed in each and every stage of production

  • Incoming
  • Inprocess
  • Final inspection

Incoming Material Quality:

Every purchased item as component or material has a specified quality plan that details out the checks, tests, sampling plan and acceptance criteria. The Quality at incoming stage is assessed based on quality plans and a report prepared by the inspection. Suppliers are assessed based on three major criteria

  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Suppliers Quality system

Supplier Performance Ratings are worked out for all the suppliers on monthly basis through ERP .An Annual supplier meeting is conducted to create awareness about OLG’s Quality system like the Quality plan, sampling plan and VPR system of OLGPL. They are also informed about the concept of Self certified vendor.

Inprocess Quality

In-process quality is assessed through checklists and job cards. SOP’s are established and displayed in the sub-assembly and main-assembly areas. All workers are trained in SOP and CTQ parameters to minimize the in-process non conformities. Error proofing method is used in certain work areas. Non conformities during in-process quality checks are recorded and corrective actions are reviewed in MRM.

Process capability studies are done regularly on critical machines and critical processes and the records are maintained.

Final Inspection:

Final inspection and testing is done on all products as per national/ international standards. Any Non-conformity arising during final inspection/testing is reworked and the NC’s are recorded in job card/test card. Traceability is done through job cards which contains the name of the worker. Identified persons are again given additional training by the concerned department heads/QA. Testing data are captured and monitored monthly and all problems reported during testing are analysed and reviewed by incharge QA.

All required facilities like measuring instruments, gauges, testing equipments for ensuring quality at all the stages of production are appropriately provided.

Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility studies are done for all the gauges and instruments to validate both equipments and the Quality of assessor. In-house calibration facility is provided to calibrate instruments and gauges including Supplier instruments.

All the records of quality checks and nonconformities at various stages are maintained for review and corrective action.

Corrective and preventive action records are maintained product group wise according to defined format in the ERP system and the stage of NC occurrence

Monthly KPI review meetings are conducted involving all Department Incharges & Directors. Any negative trend observed in graphs appropriate corrective actions are initiated and it is reviewed in the next KPI meeting.