The recruitment and selection shall be done to create the competitive strength and the strategic advantage for the organizations. Recruitment process shall involve systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates, arranging and conducting the interviews, selection and issuing orders.

The training and the probationary period of an employee shall depend on the experience of the candidate


All employees in the organization shall be treated equally regardless of race, colour, sex, age, religion, political opinion, social status, disability, or any other status of an individual unrelated to the employee’s ability to perform his or her work. Management actions shall be free of discrimination; these actions typically include recruitment, hiring, discipline, discharge, pay, promotion, placement, work assignment, scheduling of working hours and training.


Induction Level

There shall be a standard training module for each level of induction depending upon the functional needs. After the completion of training programme written test shall be conducted. The trainee has to pass the examination before confirmation as regular employee.

Employee Development Programme

Training needs shall be identified for all staffs on yearly basis by the functional directors of all the functions. HR will be responsible for organizing the training either in-house or externally. The effectiveness of the training imparted shall be evaluated & recorded. Standard topics of in-house training programme & identified training faculties.

Training after change of cadre:

After promotion of every cadre change i.e. from supervisor level to executive level and from executive to manager level a training programme shall be organized as per the training calendar.

Workers Training program:

All workers in the organization shall be trained as knowledge workers and shall be imparted training in their respective field of operation for skill and multi skill development. HR shall maintain the records of knowledge base & potentials of all workers and based on annual appraisal reports & organizational need training programme for skill and potential development shall be planned.


"Suggestion Scheme" for taping creative thinking / ideas for improvement in operation efficiency & in achieving optimum productivity. Primary objective of the Suggestion scheme is to channelise creative potential of OLGPL human resources by creating an environment for employees' involvement and reap the benefits of improvements in terms of operating costs, safety and Quality.

OBJECTIVES: To promote continuous improvement in the organization, To create a learning organization, To involve & motivate employees at all levels.

The Constitutes a suggestion is only techno-economically viable ideas that have a potential for improving production, productivity, quality, reliability, safety or reducing cost, quality give-away, Energy conservation etc.

It could be improvement-oriented idea resulting in improvement in personnel efforts, simplifying Procedures, reduction of cycle time, wastage, pilferage, recovery of materials, reduction in customer complaints, increased financial benefit etc. which may or may not have immediate & direct financial benefit.

The idea should be beyond the expectation of normal work.

The idea should be innovative and original as far as the relevant activity is concerned.

Suggestion should be in line with current area of business of the company.

The Managers/In-charges responsible shall review the suggestion and if found acceptable, they shall fill up the evaluation sheet as per format SS02 with in 2 days from the day the form was received from the HR. This will be then forwarded to Finance department for Preliminary reward payment of 20% immediately. If the suggestion is not found suitable, the same shall be sent to concerned director by the Manager/Incharge for review with comments & reasons for rejection. After obtaining the director’s approval, HR shall return this to the employee through his Managers / In-charges. This form after preliminary reward payment shall be returned to Managers/In-charges responsible for implementation. The managers / in-charges after successful implementation & standardization shall certify for final reward payment of 80 % (balance amount) and forward it to Finance Department. It is expected that suggestion in the area of suggester’s work should be demonstrated or suggester should be involved in the implementation process.

All improvements when carried out and completed shall be documented in Standard format as applicable.

The best suggester award will be given based on the points gained in totality by the suggester and with the discretion of the management.

Staff Benefits Policy

OBJECTIVES : To ensure rational approach in providing staff benefits based on their cadre in the organization.

Medical Reimbursement : All employees who are not covered under Employee State insurance Scheme are eligible for medical reimbursement.

The reimbursement shall be for the actual expenditure incurred by the employee limited to one month of his basic salary and will be on submission of medical expenses bill

Marriage Gift : A gift of Rs.5000/- shall be given to Employee on his Marriage

Mobile Phone : All confirmed Employees in Executive Cadre shall be provided with a company Mobile Phone with Sim for official use only.


All grievances/complaints arising out of the employment including those relating to unfair treatment or wrongful execution on the part of the management team including managers or supervisors shall be dealt as per the grievance redressal system of the company.

Any kind of harassments like bullying, intimidation, degradation or sexual harassment of employees will not be tolerated. The company shall have an objective process for handling complaints & grievances that is outside the direct supervisory chain of an employee that might have a concern.

Health and Safety Policy


Yearly medical check up shall be done for all the employees.

Health record of every employee shall be maintained by the HR department.

Cases of abnormal health condition shall be referred to specialized doctors.

We ensure all personal employed in OLGPLPL shall be provided health and safety training on regular basis.

The company shall nominate a representative of senior level for Health and Safety, he/she will be responsible for organizing and implementing all health and safety related plans.


  • The management is committed to provide responsible care for the health and safety of employees of OLGPL who may be affected by the company’s operations and also for the protection of the environment.
  • Every individual of OLGPL is expected to wholeheartedly co-operate with the safety rules of the Company. All the employees should strictly follow the safety rules, regulations and procedures laid down by the Company from time to time.
  • OLGPL shall provide necessary safety equipment to each employee based on the nature of training being given in the respective department.